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Theatrical is an independent not-for-profit theatre company. We produce community theatre with heart by creating opportunities for non-professional actors, singers, dancers, set builders, stage crew, costumers, make up artists and technicians to participate in making high quality community made musical theatre in inner city Melbourne.

Theatrical works hard to create an approachable & fun community-made theatre experience – both for the community members who get involved in our productions and the audiences who come to see our shows.


It is really important to us that we remain creatively free to continue making great quality and inclusive community theatre. We are asking our community to support us financially with a subscription-style payment model to help fill the gap between the price of a ticket and the cost of bring a story to life on our stage. You might like to consider a monthly commitment in exchange for a closer look into our creative processes, early access to tickets and even premium seats depending on the level of support selected.

We believe that this will help us keep making fun, creative musical theatre and keep you, our community, more connected with what we are creating.

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Theatrical relies on the goodwill of our volunteers who dedicate their time both on and off stage.

As well as our performers there are loads of behind the scenes volunteers who help out as stage crew, creating costumes, building sets and with online content.

If you would like to volunteer behind the scenes, fill out our Theatrical Volunteer Application form and then we will see how we can match your skills, interests and availability with volunteer opportunities that come up.

If you are interested in becoming an on stage volunteer you can keep an eye on our auditions page here.

How to Volunteer

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