If Then Auditions

Director: Liam Charleston
Musical Director: Vicki Quinn
Choreographer: Taylah Trew
Executive Producer: Andrew Gyopar


Please complete all the following steps to apply to audition for If/Then:

1. Read the Audition Pack   [note that these are additional auditions]

2. Book an audition time

3. Complete the Audition Form

You will receive 2 emails – one to confirm your audition time and another to confirm that we have received your audition form. Your audition is not confirmed until you have received both emails.

If/Then is a contemporary musical about living in New York today and all of the possibilities of tomorrow. If/Then simultaneously follows on woman’s two possible life paths, painting a deeply moving portrait of the lives that we lead, as well as the lives that we might have led.

Theatrical has an Inclusive Casting Policy. This means that we always seek to cast the best performer for the roles available across a diverse range of cultural groups and ethnicities. People will be considered seriously for any role, and not solely confined to those written with their own personal characteristics in mind. We welcome a diverse range of performers for every role, to more accurately reflect the diversity of a modern Australia.

Please note: Cast will be asked to pay a show fee that includes a refundable deposit for rehearsal materials. However, it is important to Theatrical. that our style of community theatre is as accessible as possible. To avoid money becoming a barrier to participation with Theatrical. we will happily discuss a show fee payment plan or waiver to suit your personal financial circumstances. Please refer to the Audition Pack for more information.

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