The Boy from Oz

National Theatre, St Kilda

July 2024

Show Details

The Boy from Oz

6 to 21 July 2024

National Theatre, St Kilda

Production Team

Director & Choreographer: Rhylee Nowell

Musical Director: Alex Byrne

Musical Supervisor: Matthew Hadgraft

Assistant Choreographer: Ellie Martin

Production Coordinator: Caitlin Greenhill

Executive Producer: Andrew Gyopar


The Boy from Oz is the musical biography and tribute to the late great Peter Allen.

Peter Allen was born in the outback Australian town of Tenterfield in 1944. He made his entertainment debut at the age of 5 impersonating Al Jolson. As a teenager he became a pop star and then toured Asia. There he met Judy Garland who took him to London where he met and become engaged to her daughter Liza Minnelli. In the US Peter enjoyed the highs of success by winning an Oscar, selling out performances in Radio City Music Hall, and receiving adulation when he returned to Australia. There were also plenty of lows … breaking up with his wife, staging a Broadway flop, the death of his partner and his own battle with illness.

The Boy from Oz leaps, as does Peter himself, from past to present and back to past all within the familiar context of one of his energy packed concerts.

  • Tickets:
    Premium $79
    A Reserve $68
    Senior/Concession $58
    Child (14 and under) $58
    Preview* $50

*Please note that preview performances tickets are discounted because they serve as a final testing ground for the production. It’s an opportunity to get a sneak peek at the performance before the official opening. However, there may be small disruptions to the performance  as technical issues are addressed, and any necessary changes are implemented to enhance the overall experience.

Peter Allen
Matthew Hadgraft

Angelina Sevastopoulos
Sylvia Kokkinos
(Liza Minelli u/s)

Tara Lichtenstein

Marion Woolnough
Maureen Andrew

Chris Bell
Jeremy Grigg

Dee Anthony/Wally Bell
Nathan Fernandez

Judy Garland
Saskia Penn

Young Peter Allen
Reuben Koronczyk
Ethan Lockhart

Liza Minnelli
Sarah Monteaux

Greg Connell
Leighton Garwin

Dick Woolnough
Mark Eather

Dance Troupe
Amelia Van Steel, Amy Monaghan, Charlotte Barker, Crystal Stivala, Felipe Ramos Coral, Jennifer Howell, Lilly Bajada, Nathan Fernandez, Saki Oyama, Sarah Naulls, Sarah Perruzza, Scott England, Sherylee Campbell, Stephanie Page, Tony Cassar, Mya Mollica.

Carlos Andres Tovar, Elise Moorhouse (Judy Garland u/s),
Itziar Fernandez Cachemaille, Jane Britt Antolihao,
Jennifer Bonnici, Jeremy Grigg, Jett Archer,
Judith Watkins
(Marion Woolnough u/s), Sophia Choy.


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The Boy from Oz
Original Production by Ben Gannon and Robert Fox.
Music and Lyrics by Peter Allen. Book by Nick Enright.
By Arrangement with David Spicer Productions.